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Warnings The first time of you spamming or posting something inappropriate will receive a warning. If you receive one warning, that is it. You will not be given another warning for anything else. Bans Spamming/Incorrect sections: First spam = warning Second spam = warning Third spam = 1 day ban Forth spam = 1 week ban Fifth spam = 1 month ban Sixth spam = Perm ban First incorrect section: Move Second incorrect section: warning Third incorrect section: warning Fourth incorrect section: warning Fifth incorrect section: 3 day ban Sixth incorrect section: 1 week ban Seventh incorrect section: 1 month ban Eight incorrect section: Perm ban Warez/Virus stuff/Advertising: First virus: Perm ban First Warez: Perm ban First hacking tool(s): Perm ban First advertisement: 1 month ban Second advertisement: 3 month ban Third advertisement: Perm ban Other: Lieing to intern: 1 month ban Lieing to staff: 3 month ban Lieing to administrator: Perm ban Profanity: Perm ban Insulting: 1 week ban Insulting: 1 month ban Insulting: Perm ban All bans/warnings are subjected to staff discretion. Rules 1. No Flaming. One shall not flame (racism, or to insult or criticize provokingly, as on a computer network) in this chat. 2. Multiple Accounts One shall not have multiple accounts, for any reason what so ever, UNLESS instructed by an Administrator. Not a staff member. 3. No Spamming One shall not spam. 4. Illegal Activity One shall not upload, transmit, attempt to transmit, sell, attempt to sell, illegal material. 5. Username One's username shall not be similar to a staff member's name. 6. Copyrighted material One shall not violate, attempt to violate copyrighted material. One must have proper license to altar, use, modify, edit, etc. copyrighted material. 7. Scamming One shall not scam, attempt to scam anyone including, but not limited to donation, donation points, Cookie Points, and Thanks. 8. Begging One shall not repetitively ask for services. 9. Advertising One shall not promote third party websites, games, etc. 10. Inappropriate material One shall not transmit, attempt to transmit, attempt to sell, or sell inappropriate material. 11. Trolling One shall not intentionally provoke drama in the forum, except for the "Poking" section of this forum. Any thread or post containing or provoking drama will be deleted. Report all threads or posts to the staff. 12. Decisions by staff members One shall not question, flame, or object a decision by a WzEdit staff. 13. Staff Profile One shall not use staff material such as pictures or signatures as their avatar, signature, or profile picture. 14. Racism One shall not flame ANYONE due to their race. 15. Responsibility One must take responsibility for his/her actions. 16. Terms of Service One must agree to the Terms of Service and will obey by it as long as using WzEdit Services. 17. Quoting When quoting someone else's work, one must not edit, modify, or delete anything inside the quote. As of January 22, 2011, these rules will be strictly enforced.

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