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    Staff regulations and rankings


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    Staff regulations and rankings Empty Staff regulations and rankings

    Post by Imagination on Sat Mar 12, 2011 6:03 pm

    Hello everyone and welcome to the new updated staff regulations and rankings.

    -Staff members must be kind to members of our community no matter who the person is.
    -Lower rank staff members must listen to higher ranking staff members.
    -Any private conversation between staff members and administrators must be kept private unless told to do so by an administrator.
    -Any bans that are to occur must requested to any staff member RANK 1 and up.*
    -Should one staff member not be able to for full their duties, their privileges shall be revoked.
    -Staff member should log on the website 4 times (as in each day) in one week unless they have a good reason which has been approved by an administrator.
    -Staff members must also log on to the forums 4 times (as in each day) in one week unless they have a good reason which has been approved by an administrator
    -Staff members should not be 'hacking', or provoking members to do certain things.

    *Minor bans such has flame must be requested. Major bans, such as spamming, threating to hack, etc can ban without approval from admins, however once an admin logs on, the staff member must tell them.

    All regulations and rules are subject to change at anytime with or without warning.

    Current staff rankings:
    President - Shanon
    Vice President -
    Admins - Reuben, Kimm
    CoAdmins -
    Superintendent -
    RANK 1 Staff -
    RANK 2 Staff - Ashley
    RANK 3 Staff -
    Intern - Jana

    Staff update log

    -Update 1: Sina added as Intern
    -Update 2: Karen added as Intern
    -Update 3: Danny added as Intern
    -Update 4: Kimm promoted to RANK 1
    -Update 5: Jana promoted to RANK 1
    -Update 6: Krissy & Karen fired.
    -Update 7: Sina & Danny fired.
    -Update 8: Added new position: Manager
    -Update 9: Alexi (Leann) added as RANK 3 staff (Graphics)
    -Update 10: Kimm promoted to Manager
    -Update 11: Kimm promoted to admin , Jana promoted to admin
    -Update 12: Leann fired.
    -Update 13: Krissy added as RANK 3
    -Update 14: Jana demoted to intern, Krissy demoted to intern.
    -Update 15: Ash promoted to RANK 3
    -Update 16: Jana & Austin fired
    -Update 17: Jana reinstated as intern, Krissy fired.
    -Update 18: Ash promoted to RANK 2
    -Update 19: Manger re-named to Superintendent, Co-Admin removed, Added rank: President, Added rank: Vice President.

    What can members of our community do to stop abuse of our staff?
    A new section on our forums will be out where members can accuse a staff member of breaking the rules.
    Note: I CANNOT be reported.

    Why these new regulations?
    In an attempt to stop abuse and carelessness of our staff members, these rules are now in place. These rules will be implemented starting Monday, March 21, 2011.

    How will staff members check in?
    All you have to do is login to the staff webpage, (interns will be doing something different) and you will be automatically checked in.

    Staff regulations and rankings Wzadmin
    I am the administrator. The banhammer. The OVERALL POWERFUL PERSON. The SUPREME OVERLORD OF THIS FORUMS.

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