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    Technical Issues


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    Technical Issues  Empty Technical Issues

    Post by Imagination on Tue Feb 08, 2011 9:36 pm

    Common Download Problems.

    Q: Excuse me, I've replaced some of the v.83 files with v.75 ones and I didn't keep the v.83 Setup. Where can I download the client??!!
    A: Learn to use Google.

    Note: For certian Mirrors, you'll need WinRAR to unzip the files, click on the spoiler below for download links of WinRAR.

    Q: The download page of FarmerStory isn't working?!?!? HELP PWESE D: (Download page @ FarmerStory.org) // My FarmerStory game client has disappeared??? HELP!!!
    A: A few alternate links to download FarmerStory game client:
    via Mediafire (.exe file)
    via Mediafire (.rar file)
    via Speedyshare (.exe file)
    via Speedyshare (.rar file)

    Installation Errors & Buggy Start-ups.

    Q: The game starts, goes to a black screen and then shuts down! What's going on?
    A: Chances are you're using the wrong version (FarmerStory is running on v.83). If your Maplestory is v.75, or anything over/under .83, it won't work. Make sure you completely clear out everything .75 related. If it doesn't fix it, run the Setup.exe in your Maple Story folder.

    Q: I received some sort of error code looking like this: Error code: -2005XXXXXX (Unknown error code 0xXXXXXXXX).
    A: There are a few reasons why this error occurs. This error normally results from incorrect Display drivers or an outdated version of DirectX. Please be sure to have the latest video card and DirectX drivers installed. If you do not know your graphics card brand/model,
    (1) Start.
    (2) Run. (For Vista users, type in cmd in the search box below and run the cmd.exe.)
    (3) Type in "dxdiag".
    (4) Look under Display tab.

    Q: When I start the game, I get the "Monitor out of range" error!
    A: This issue may erupt from monitor frequencies MapleStory does not play on. To find a frequency for your monitor, browse to your MapleStory folder and run the Setup.exe. You will be prompted a pop-up stating, click NO and follow the instructions.

    Q: I can't start up FarmerStory, It says I'm missing ijl15.dll file? (Click here for image example)
    A: You need to make sure that FarmerStory game client is in your Maple Story folder. If that doesn't fix it, try to download and install vcredist_x86.exe. Also make sure none of the .dll files are missing. If any are, reinstall v.83.
    Download links of vcredist_x86.exe;
    via MegaUpload
    via MediaFire
    via RapidShare

    Q: The game starts, but shuts down and a message box pop up: Error code: -2147287038 (Unknown error 0x80030002). (Click here for image example)
    A: You're probably having corrupted or edited .wz file. Try to reinstall/redownload v.83 MapleStory.

    Q: I get an empty error message box with a OK button? HELP!!! (Click here for image example)
    A: bOicuteXx solution to fix the error.
    (1) My Computer.
    (2) Go to Properties. (For Vista users, go to System Properties then Advanced system settings.)
    (3) Go under Computer Name
    (4) Got one button beside "To rename this computer or join a domain..." there is a 'Change' button
    (5) Under 'More' in Primary DNS suffix, remove everything in the textbox, press ok
    (6) Then in Member Of, remove the domain part and click workgroup, then enter a name, press OK.

    Click on the spoiler below for Afrolicious' method.
    (1) Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer > System
    (2) There should be a red X mark with a "Error" beside it (this should be at the top most). Double-click it.
    (3) The description for the error should be:
    "The npkycryp service failed to start due to the following error: The system cannot find the file specified. "
    (4) Please proceed to the next step if you get that error.
    (5) Open your Maple Story folder and find the item named "npkcusb.sys".
    (6) Change it to "npkycryp.sys". (Make sure you copy one as backup before renaming.)
    (7) Reload maplestory. It will not work.
    (Cool Change "npkycryp.sys" back to "npkcusb.sys".
    (9) Load MapleStory again.

    Note; Please note that you have to repeat this every time you shut down/restart because the error is not literally solved. My suggestion is to make a copy of "npkcusb.sys" and name it "npkycryp.sys". This way you don't have to rename it every time you load maple. But now, you would have to load maplestory twice. It will only go to the login page on the second loading.

    Q: When I launch the game, I get "Failed in finding proper screen mode for Gr2D." error. (Click here for image example)
    A: Download latest version of DirectX to solve the problem. If it doesn't fix it, install/update your graphic card's driver. If you do not know your graphics card brand/model,
    (1) Start.
    (2) Run. (For Vista users, type in cmd in the search box below and run the cmd.exe.)
    (3) Type in "dxdiag".
    (4) Look under Display tab.

    Q: FarmerStory just plain won't start up! It says that "Unable to connect to the game server". (Click here for image example)
    A: The server is down. Just chill and wait it out, and browse the forums to see why it's down. If the server isn't down, check if your firewall isn't blocking FarmerStoryV75.exe from accessing the internet (Google on how to do it).

    Q: I'm a Vista user. The game stops working everytime I click on it, help pl0x? (Click here for image example)
    A: This is a common Vista error, it may occurs on other program or game too. Here's a solution to fix it:
    (1) My Computer.
    (2) System Properties.
    (3) Advanced system settings.
    (4) Under Advanced tab, you'll see 'Performance', click on the 'Settings...' beside it.
    (5) Go to Data Execution Prevention tab. (Mark 'Turn on DEP for all programs...' if it is not marked.)
    (6) Click 'Add...' and browse for FarmerStoryV83.exe.
    (7) Press OK.

    Q: I got an 'error code : 10093' message box, it says the application has not called WSAStartup, or WSAStartup failed. (Click here for image example)
    A: This error is for vista users only. Usually if you get this error you go to 'Start'. In your search bar you search 'cmd', right click and 'Run as Administrator'. Next you type in the Command Prompt, 'netsh winsock reset'. It'll ask you to restart your computer and then the error's fixed. - Credit to: Mango

    Login Errors.

    Q: Why does it say "This ID is not registered"? I definitely registered and I can post here! (Click here for image example)
    A: Since you can post here, you registered for the forum ID instead of the game ID. Register for a game ID at the site, then you can login using that ID. If it doesn't fix it, make sure you've registered correctly. You'll see this message once your registration is successful. Please scroll down to others section for more information regarding registration problems.

    Q: When I try to log in, it says 'This ID is already logged in...'? OH-EM-GEE!!! HACKER LOGGED ON MY ACCOUNT??! (Click here for image example)
    A: Calm down, it doesn't mean you're hacked. Use the Logout Fixer to fix it. If it doesn't work, wait for a few minutes.

    Q: My ID has been blocked. What does this mean? (Click here for image example)
    A: It means you were banned by a GM, or the Auto-ban system. Post a ban appeal here and make sure you read this before posting an appeal.

    Q: I can't delete a character! I know I'm putting in the right birthday too!
    A: Some people just can't delete characters; it's unknown why. Some has suggested that putting the birthdate one day earlier / later works. If not, just find someone you trust to transfer items between accounts. You can make multiple accounts on the same e-mail.

    Q: How do I change my password?
    A: Click here to change your password.
    (Pornoholic: You run the risk of being locked out of your account when changing your password.
    Due to the fact that MANY people who have changed their password have had it so that they cannot log in and have to manually have their password changed in the database.)

    Q: How come I get disconnected after I click my character?
    A: You are probably:
    - Mac Banned. (Post a ban appeal here)
    - Character is stuck. (Use a mule to login and ask for GMs help in game)
    - Login/World server is offline. (Check if it's online here)
    - Server crashed. (Wait for the server to be restarted)

    Q: GM HELP LOR. Everytime I click on , it disconnects me and an error occurs!!! (Click here for image example)
    A: Either you clicked too fast or you double clicked on it. This is v.83, single click on NPC will do.


    Q: Eh, I can't take Screenshots in game using Scroll Lock key!?!?
    A: There are a few suggested fixes:
    (a) Check; does your keyboard use a "Fn" button? Most laptops and maybe some keyboards have this key. You would need to press and hold the "Fn" button to use Scroll Lock function.
    (b) Reinstall your keyboard driver.
    (c) Use alternative method or program to take Screenshots. Read here for more informations.

    Q: Halp plis! I get this message and I couldn't register!
    A: You'll see this message once your registration is successful. If you don't, you have to register again. These are some common errors for registration:
    (a) The passwords did not match.
    (b) This username does already exists!
    (c) Data too long for column 'name' at row 1.
    (d) Incorrect date value: " for column 'birthday' at row 1.
    (e) The code does not match.
    (f) IT KEEPS TELLING ME THAT NOONE LIKES ME1!!11111!!11 FFFF444444444

    The possibility solutions for:
    (a) Re-enter your passwords.
    (b) Use other username since that one you entered does exists.
    (c) The username you've entered is too long, shorten it.
    (d) Either you did not enter the birthday or you entered in wrong format. Check again.
    (e) You entered the wrong security code, try again.
    (f) Aww, don't be sad. Just read the Terms and Conditions again.

    Q: I'm banned and willing to post a ban appeal but I don't know what is my IP address!!! // How do I find out my IP address?
    A: Well, click here and it will show you your IP address or you can use an alternative way which is more complicated.

    (1a) Start ---> All Programs ---> Accessories ---> Command Prompt // Start ---> Run ---> type 'command' ---> OK. (For Windows XP)
    (1b) Start ---> type 'cmd' in the white box below --> Right click 'cmd.exe' ---> Run as administrator. (For Windows Vista)
    (2) Notice there will be a black box. Type in 'ipconfig' and press enter.
    (3) Wait and you will be given your IP address, DNS address and possibly some more information.

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