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    Points store (BETA)


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    Points store (BETA) Empty Points store (BETA)

    Post by Imagination on Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:13 am

    Hello, this is the points shop. Here, you may purchase stuff. You can check how many points you have via your profile under "Cookie Points".

    -100 points - 1 ribbon
    -150 points - Give x amount of points to your friends.
    -2,500 points - Name change
    -2,500 points - Name color
    -5,700 points - Have your own group
    -7,000 points - Obtain a title and picture just for you
    -9,000 points - Post a notice on top of our forums (Duration: 1 week)
    -10,000 points - Request someone to get banned for 1 day.
    -10,000 points - Post a notice on the scrolling notice bar on our forums (Duration: 1 week)
    -10,000 points - Have your own section in the forums.
    -1,000,000 points - Post a permanent notice on the scrolling notice bar on our forums. (Duration: Permanent)

    More will come. If you have any suggestions, please post them under here.

    *The amount of points will be subtracted from you when you purchase an item
    *Restrictions apply. See a staff member for details.
    *Blue means they are FarmerStory related.

    -Question: How do I contact you for transaction?
    Answer: PM me or e-mail me at shanon@wzedits.com

    -Question: How long will it take to do this?
    Answer: Approximately 1-5 days

    -Question: I asked one of your staff members, but they didn't understand me or don't know what I'm talking about.
    Answer: K, tell me that person and I'll kick him/her in the butt.

    -Question: What happens if I spam for my points?
    Answer: Expect a warning/infraction and reduction in points and/or possible ban.

    -Question: What?
    Answer: ???

    -Question: I have a suggestion for a thing here and I posted it. Why wont you add it???
    Answer: One, because I haven't looked at it or two, it sucks.

    -Question: How long can my name be?
    Answer: I believe its 1-24 characters.

    -Question: How long can my rank title be?
    Answer: 1-24 characters

    -Question: How long can my group name be?
    Answer: 1-24 characters

    -Question: Can I be a moderator in our group and add people?
    Answer: Yes, however should you abuse your power in anyway, you will be punished. (I don't mean like randomly kicking people, but like harassing people to join and stuff)

    -Question: Hi
    Answer: Stop spamming our forums...

    -Question: I want the chickens.
    Answer: Okay, get 1k points then e-mail or PM me.

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